2014 – 2015 Accomplishments

•    Live streamed 2014 and 2015 Annual Conventions (and in Youtube)

•    New TS Adyar website launched September 23, 2015

•    Remodeled Leadbeater Chambers (LBC) dining area

•    Adyar Library and Research Center
     ◦    Conducted 2 scholarly seminars in cooperation with the Vishnu Mohan Foundation
     ◦    Affiliation with Madras University is pending

•    Began digitization process
     ◦    Library – palm leaf manuscripts
     ◦    Archives – various archival materials

•    Researchers are being allowed access to the Archives for the first time in many years

•    Conducted laboratory toxicology tests on a range of materials and locations in the archives in response to long term rumors of toxicity
     ◦    the results were negative for toxic substances

•    International Volunteers
     ◦    In 2014 there was 1 non-Indian volunteer working at Adyar
     ◦    Currently there are 5
     ◦    12 have worked at Adyar over the course of the year, more are scheduled to come.

•    TS in America staff have assisted on site at Adyar with Archives, Leadbeater Chambers, and in December 2015 with IT and AV
     ◦    all funded by TS in America
     ◦    Will also bring Adyar staff to TS in America for training utilizing the same funding source

•    Raised wages of all workers at Adyar by an average of 35%
     ◦    all workers are now above the minimum for Tamil Nadu

•    Olcott School
     ◦    Raised teachers' salaries
     ◦    implemented a three way grant for English language instruction with the British Council
     ◦    Have involved Olcott School children in TS Annual International Convention

•    Constructed a cover for the Adyar Theatre
     ◦    45% of project cost received from TS in America donation

•    Changed magazine design for The Theosophist
     ◦    Maintained monthly production

•    Convened an International Long Range Planning Meeting in 2014
     ◦    Follow up meeting scheduled for 2015

•    Conducted an inventory of Volunteer opportunities across all departments.

•    Campus-wide upgrade of Internet infrastructure is in progress

•    Invited Michiel Haas (Architect knighted for his work in sustainable architecture, TS Netherlands member) to develop renovation plans for the Adyar campus
     ◦    Inventory of structures, prioritizing, physical survey, and initial plans are completed.

•    Fundraising for Renovation Project started and website initiated called The Elephants
     ◦    Target goal - $1,000,000 US
          ▪    To date commitments for: $150,000  

•    Established a new National Section in Bolivia
     ◦    first new section in 22 years; second new section since 1953.

•    Constructed 2 public lavatories
     ◦    one near the main gate; one near the library gate

•    Placed high quality metal trash bins around the campus.

•    Added basic signage around the campus (more informational signage to come)

•    High quality replacements for 100% of the mattresses in LBC.
     ◦    Thanks to an earmarked donation from TS New Zealand.

•    Utilizing TS in America resources – developing an internet based Theosophical educational curriculum accessible worldwide.

•    Participated in developing relationships with fellow Non Adyar Theosophical groups (International Theosophical Conferences Inc. [ITC])

•    Arranged for the Anthroposophical Society to conduct their annual conference at Adyar
     ◦    first time ever

•    Developed working relationships with allied spiritual groups in the US and Europe.

Tim Boyd’s work as International President

     ◦    Met with TS members and groups in England, Finland, Estonia, France, Italy, the Netherlands, India, Singapore and the USA
     ◦    Met separately with young Theosophists in the USA, Finland, The Netherlands, England, India, Singapore, and Italy.
     ◦    Attended the 2016 International Young Theosophist Conference in Brasilia, Brazil.
     ◦    Schedule for 2016 includes Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, USA, India, the Netherlands, and New Zealand.
     ◦    Spoke at public meetings to 4,000 – 5,000 people
     ◦    Participated in radio, TV, and internet based programs that have reached multiple thousands of people – predominantly non TS members.
     ◦    Wrote articles translated into multiple languages appearing in TS and non TS publications.

President's blog takes monthly to his work around the world.