17 February 2020

Program at 9 am

Starting by students of Olcott Memorial Higher Secondary School passing through and sing at the portico of the Headquarters Hall

Universal Prayer

Adyar Song                                    Ms Jaishree Kannan

Why Adyar?                                   Mrs Clemice Petter

Impressions on Adyar                   Mrs Catalina Isaza Cantor

H.S. Olcott – WILL of Steel           Mr Shikhar Agnihotri

Krishnaji in the Light of Gita          Shawkara Shaktananda

Chanting                                        Ms Jaishree Kannan

Offering of flowers

After the program

Tea/Coffee service outside the Hall

The Hall is open for silent stay until noon

Related books are available for reading at the Hall (not for buying)