Adyar Day celebration

ADYAR DAY ON 17 February, 2016

at 8:15 am at the Headquarters Hall

A procession of students of the Olcott Memorial Higher Secondary School will pass through the portico of Headquarters Hall.

P r o g r a m m e

1.    Universal Prayer
2.    Adyar Song
3.    Opening Remarks by Dr Chittaranjan Satapathy, the Vice-President
4.    Short talks

       H.S. Olcott by Mrs Laura Rodrigues

       C.W. Leadbeater by Mrs Veena Ramachandran

       J. Krishnamurti by Mrs Clemise Petter

5.    Closing
6.    Offering of flowers

N Sri Ram on 17 February

at 7pm at the Garden of Meditation (new Audio Visual Centre)

We listen N Sri Ram's, one of the former Presidents, audio recording at the Garden of  Meditation, which is located after the great banyan tree, closer to the Leadbeater Chambers and opposite the Youth Lodge building.