Saturday 17 February 2018 at the Headquarters Hall

8.45 am Procession at the portico

9.00 am Program inside the Hall

The procession is by the students of the Olcott Memorial Higher Secondary School passing through and singing at the portico of the Headquarters Hall

Program at 9 am

1.       Universal Prayer

2.       Adyar Song
          Ms Jaishree Kannan

3.       Opening Remarks
          Ms Marja Artamaa

4.       Short talks

  1. Impressions and Importance of Adyar
    Ms Nancy Secrest
  2. Spirit of Krishnamurti’s Teachings as I Understand
    Mr Akilesh Krishna
  3. Giordano Bruno, An Apostle of Theosophy
    Mrs Clemice Petter

5.       Chanting
          Ms Jaishree Kannan

6.       Offering of flowers