Link to the video by TIM BOYD

Quotes from Tim's video of Human Message:

  • There is no script for this situation in the world. This is a completely creative moment, new patterns, new ways of thinking are called for.
  • Unity, Oneness, interdependence, interconnection, have been ideal or highly valued theories but now they have gone beyond theories. Now it is a demonstrated fact. We are linked to one and other.
  • Doing what has been advised over and over again is valuable. But beyond that is a deeper importance which is self-awareness. Our thoughts and emotions can either purify the stream or pollute it.
  • What can the little me do? This is our deepest creativity.
  • When we pass this moment of virus we enter into a very different moment.
  • Imagine: What is the nature of the world in which we want to live? What does that world look like? How do we act toward one and other? Who do I want to be on the other side of this moment of the viral pandemic?
  • Call someone, write a letter, connect.
  • Allow yourself to be in this moment. Sit and imagine a world suitable to growth and peace, what we desire for ourselves, friends, family, nation - expand if you can.
  • Learn something new. Now you have the time. Study something.
  • Give and receive.
  • Use this time now. It is a necessity to approaching challenges that lie on the other side of this viral moment.

Read Tim Boyd's "Coronaletter" from 16 March