Global Silent Five Minutes:
Coming Together to Heal the World

For the past two weeks we have been reaching out to groups and individuals around the world who are agents of global change in an effort to develop a consciousness based global response to the current crisis. The focus has been on the power of united intention. The result is that on April 16 at 2pm GMT we are inviting you to participate in a Global Silent 5 Minutes: Coming Together to Heal Our World. The idea is to bring together millions of people worldwide for an event, which is then intended to be continued as a global shared practice. At this point we have a rapidly growing list of supporters. Information about the event will be posted at our co-host site Global Silent Minute.

Humanity is living through a challenging moment as we address the immediacy of the pandemic while also experiencing a crisis in so many areas of living. We are all seeking ways to help in this time. On 16 April at 2 PM GMT we will experience together a Global Silent Five Minutes: Coming Together to Heal the World.


16 April from 1:30 - 2:30 pm GMT

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Featured speakers include 
Tim Boyd, Theosophical Society;
Sri Sri Ravishankar, Art of Living Foundation; 
Sister Jenna, Brahma Kumaris; 
Ben Bowler, Unity Earth; 
and more.
The power of silence as action offers us a powerful opportunity to focus our thought with shared intention on planetary healing.
Global Silent Minute co-hosted this event and it can be seen in Global Silent Five Minute page
(Partial List of signatories)