Your TS Legacy

Planned giving

Our work at Adyar, and internationally, is directed towards achieving our Aims. 

By leaving a gift to 'The Theosophical Society, Adyar', you make a committment to these aims, for years to come. Planned gifts can come by Wills and Bequests, and any other form you find possible.


Decision to leave a gift is an important one, but implementing it can be complicated. There are steps you can take now:

A: Make a will if you haven't already, or Update your Will to reflect your decision to donate. Consulting a solicitor or legal professional is recommendated to help make the will valid, and legal. 

B: Decide what will be gifted: it could be a fixed sum of money, land/property you own, jewellery or other items that can be sold.

C: Inform relatives and us, so that your wishes are carried out.

Visit us, talk to us in person, so we may help make the process easier for you.