* South India Conference in April 3-5, 2015
(information and program)


Recent Additions:

  92nd South India Conference, HQ, 3.-5.4.2015

Adyar Day at HQ 17.2.2015


139th International Convention talks in videos


Holidays for 2015 at HQ


January - Presidential Address


Foundation Day 17.11.2014


Anniversary of Radha Burnier's passing (31.10.)


President's first half year (October 2014)

The Theosophical Society, founded in 1875, 
is a worldwide body whose primary object is Universal Brotherhood without distinction based on the realization that life, and all its diverse forms, human and non-human, is indivisibly One.  The Society imposes no belief
on its members, who are united by a common search for Truth and desire to learn the mean-ing and purpose of existence through study, reflection, self-responsibility and loving service.

Theosophy is the wisdom underlying all
religions when they are stripped of accretions and superstitions. It offers a philosophy which
renders life intelligible and demonstrates that
justice and love guide the cosmos. Its teachings
aid the unfoldment of the latent spiritual nature
in the human being, without dependence.