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International Rules

The International Rules amended

A comprehensive work to update the Rules started in 2014 and is now finalized. The Rules have been added under: About Menu.


World Congress

The 11th
World Congress

will be held

in Singapore
4 - 9 August 2018

followed until 11 August by

The International Conference of the Theosophical Order of Service (TOS)


Adyar Day celebration

17 February 2017

at 8:30am, Headquarters Hall

The Adyar Day celebration starts with a procession of students of the Olcott Higher Secondary School at 8:15am.

At 8:30am there are talks by three speakers:

Mr Harihara Raghavan
Dr R. Revathy
Mr Diego Fernandes

See collection of photos here


Alfred Percy Sinnett
A. P. Sinnett
Annie Besant Image
Annie Besant
Curuppumullage Jinarājadāsa
C. Jinarajadasa


Theosophist Volume ( 12 issues)

Issue No. 3 Cover:
Issue No. 3 Cover:
Issue No. 3 Cover:
Theosophist Cover Volume 133 No 03