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From Teachings to Insight: The Altruistic Heart


YouTube Video Playlist : Adyar Convention 2017, all videos

Convention gives an opportunity for Theosophists to meet friends (old and new) 
from around the world.


Convention Program:

 (click on video or photo link to view)

30 December
Order of the Round Table   (Photos)
31 December
Convention Opening (Video) (Photos)
Reception (Photos)
Theosophy-Science Lecture, Prof. Gangadhar: (Video) (Photos)
Ritual of the Mystic Star (Photos)
               Museum & Archive Display Opening
1 January
Short Lectures (Video) (Photos)
Governor's visit:  (Video) (Photos)
                                   THIRU BANWARILAL PUROHIT
                                   Hon'ble Governor of Tamil Nadu
Indian Section Convention - I (Video) (Photos)
Social Welfare Centre:  (Photos)
Besant Lecture: (Video) (Photos)
                         "Tamil: the Glory of India"
                          Prof. Lokesh Chandra,
                           Indian Council for Cultural Relations
 Indian Dance Program: (Video) (Photos)
 Albums:  People
2 January
Symposium: (Video) (Photos)
                                  “Altruistic Work of Today
 Panel:  (Video) (Photos)
                                  “Mission, Purpose and Scope of the TS”
 Public Lecture:  (Video) (Photos)
                                  "The Great Awakening: Is it all in the Mind?"
                                   Ms Dorothy Bell, Australia
 Renovation Update:  (Video) (Photos)
 Albums:  People
3 January
Symposium:   (Video) (Photos)
                                “What Leads to Insight”
Indian Convention - II:  (Video)
Vocational Training Centre:   (Photos)
TOS Symposium:   (Video) (Photos)
Public Lecture:   (Video) (Photos)
                                 "The Heart's Wisdom"
                                    Mr Tim Boyd, International President, Adyar
Music Night - Chants:   (Photos)
4 January
Short Lectures:   (Video) (Photos)
Questions and Answers:   (Video)  (Photos)
Olcott Memorial Higher Secondary School:   (Photos)
Lecture:   (Video)  (Photos)
A Play by KFI students:    (Photos)
Albums:  People
5 January
Convention Closing:   (Video) (Photos)
Youth Forum (Photos)
Albums:  People


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Great atmosphere

Event Video

Event Video

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