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Getting Here



The airport is about fifteen kilometres south-west from our campus. International and Domestic (National) Airports are adjacent to each other. Once on the road, there are two separate entrances to the Theosophical Society (TS) campus.  The best gate from the airport is the Besant Avenue Road entrance, the ‘green gate’. 

Inform your driver to bring you to 'Adyar - Besant Nagar (name of the district), Besant Avenue Road'. Be sure to mention Adyar Alai Maram (Adyar big Banyan tree), a good landmark for the Society, as most won’t understand ‘Theosophical Society’. It might be useful to mention also that the TS area is the one opposite to Malar Hospital, although the gate we are talking about is in Besant Avenue Road.

When you are at the gate of the TS, (photo as you scroll down the page), and which is clearly signposted The Theosophical Society), tell the guard which building to go to (Leadbeater Chambers or Bhojanasala).

Contact details to your arrival:

Theosophical Society, International Headquarters. Adyar, Chennai 600 020 INDIA.

Telephone: (Bus hrs only) +91 (044) 2491 2474, email:

If you are unfamiliar with India, or Chennai, we suggest you note and do the following for your safe and least stressful journey from the airport to Adyar:

  1. After Arrival at the International/Domestic Airport, please proceed towards the Exit. You will notice PRE-PAID taxi booths, where Pre-paid Taxi (Cab) vouchers can be purchased for your destination.  It may be helpful to show them the destination address, ‘Theosophical Society’.
  2. Be prepared with approximately Rs 500-700 to pre-pay and enough small notes (Rs 50 notes) for tipping. You may find a man wanting his tip reward for picking up your ticket at the PRE-PAID BOOTH and leading you to the taxi stand!  The amount you tip is up to you, but Rs 20 or 50 is adequate, as per local advice. These pre-paid taxis will be Black and Yellow in colour. 
  3. Printing out the map with address details might be very helpful for your airport taxi driver and later also for your ‘auto’ drivers to get you back to HQ.

If you are travelling to Chennai between 10pm and 6am, an additional Rs 10 will be charged.

Reaching the TS after 10pm will take less than 25 minutes. During the day it may take 35 – 50 minutes, depending on the traffic.


Address landmark


Adyar Alai-Maram (Adyar Big Banyan Tree)

Besant Avenue Road

Adyar Nagar (District)

At night there is a watchman to help with Leadbeater Chambers.

For Bojanasala the Gate Guard will help

Google map from the Airport to TS Adyar

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Chennai Railway station is about 12 kilometers North of Adyar Theosophical Society (TS) Headquarters. Public transport as well as taxis are available.

When arriving by taxi, inform the driver to take you opposite to 'Malar Hospital'. Ask the driver to stop immediately at the entrance to the left, (clearly marked Theosophical Society Headquarters) right after crossing the bridge and a patch of green grass. Ask the guards at the gate for urther advice to reach your accommodation.

When arriving by bus, take a ticket to 'Malar Hospital'. The bus stop is right outside our main gate. Bus numbers by the google map are 1C, 6E, 21C, A1, A1ET, M21V or 1A. From the gate you have a distance of 0.5 km to the accommodation of either Bhojanasala or Leadbeater Chambers. Ask the guards for advice at the gate.

In both cases (taxi or bus), you will cross the bridge (North to South) over Adyar river.

Google map from the Railway Station to TS Adyar

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