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XI World Congress Photos & Videos

World Congress in Singapore in 2018



Link to the PHOTO ALBUMS of the World Congress



Saturday, 4 August
2018WC - D1 Opening, greetings (sorry for the other microphone not coming through)
2018WC - D1 Opening Address by Tim Boyd. Keynote by Marcos de Resende

2018WC - D1 LECTURE: A Theosophy for Tomorrow by Mr Tim Boyd

2018WC - D1 Multi-Racial Cultural Program
Sunday, 5 August
2018WC - D2 International Work, Team of GC Planning
2018WC - D2 Talk, Deepa Padhi
2018WC - D2 TIP-Talk, Clemice Petter
Monday, 6 August
2018WC – D3 Practicing the Gems and Values in Theosophy, Ay Na NG
2018WC – D3 Prayer – it’s Nature, Different Types and Efficacy, Lily Chong
2018WC – D3 Theosophy – an Unceasing Path of Self-discovery, Krista Umbjarv
2018WC – D3 LECTURE: A Study in Consciousness, Chong Sanne
2018WC – D3 Cultural Program: Sights and Sounds of Chinese Opera
Tuesday, 7 August
2018WC – D4 LECTURE: Contemplative Living in the Modern World, Linda Oliveira
2018WC – D4 Learn about;, John Vorstermans and Richard Sell
2018WC – D4 LECURE: Consciousness, Communication And Change: Aligning with Source to Make a Difference in Our World, Dr Cassandra Vieten, USA
2018WC – D4 TOS Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow, Nancy Secrest
2018WC – D4 TIP-Talk: Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious Mind in our Daily Life, Pradeep Gohil

Wednesday, 8 August

2018WC – D5 Groups' Summary and Q&A Panel
2018WC – D5 LECTURE: Our Work in the 21st Century, Vic Hao Chin Jr
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