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Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary


The Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary (BMAD) is a specialised outreach program of The Theosophical Society, and one of the largest animal shelters in the heart of Chennai, housed within the sprawling Theosophical Society campus in Adyar.

Beginning with a solitary building back in 1968, BMAD has flourished into a growing hive of spirited animal rescuers, carers and veterinarians dedicated to providing immediate relief and rehabilitation to distressed animals from all over the city, and even the state!

Our expanding operations have also come with increasing collaborations with a growing network of experts in the fields of veterinary science, animal welfare, urban ecological conflicts and conservation - all working together in resonance with one of the primary tenets of The Theosophical Society - to believe in and preserve the unity of all life.



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We currently operate out of an in-house veterinary clinic, primarily to rehabilitate injured and sick animals, as well as a nearby Outpatient Unit which has a special Infectious Cases treatment area.

The shelter has been ever expanding, to accommodate more dogs, cats, horses, bovines, donkeys, pigs, goats and any other animals we can take in. We currently have close to 60 large animals, and 200 small animals, in our care.

Our core staff comprises 6 veterinarian doctors, 5 clinic managers, a pharmacist, 17 full time caretakers and 2 ambulances, plus we're also part of an active network of experienced animal rescuers, and have direct lines with several expert consultants for specialised care.

The idea behind BMAD is to rehabilitate and find homes for seriously unwell stray animals. The veterinary clinic also treats outpatients at very nominal and voluntary charges, bringing affordable care to the general public with sick animals. We have now grown to a point that we have resources and staff to handle most medical and rehabilitative procedures in-house. Our activities include:

  • Animal Birth Control (ABC) is BMAD's more popular programs, in which we neuter strays quickly and efficiently. We carry out close to 1000 ABCs a year!
  • Pet adoption - We strive to find homes for rescue and rehabilitated dogs and cats whenever possible, and after making sure that prospective owners have the will and the means to care for their new charges
  • Rescue - We have been involved in innumerable rescues, rehab and release cases, including of horses, donkeys, camels, bovines and wildlife like snakes, monkeys and birds, in collaboration and with the help of the Tamil Nadu Forest Department.
  • Community outreach - We sponsor community caretakers in various locations in Chennai, to provide care for animals in their respective areas and also assist in disaster relief for the many stray animals during floods, hurricanes, lockdowns etc.

Please support BMAD and help us reach as many animals who need our help as we possible can, and to support the animals in our care, so that they live with a little less suffering and a little more comfort and love.

The Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary (BMAD) is run by The Theosophical Society, which has the PAN AAATT0479Q.

As per the Finance Act, 2020, The Theosophical Society has approval for deductions under section 80G(5) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 vide registration no. AAATT0479QF20214 granted by the DS DIT (CPC) on 28 May 2021, valid till AY 2026-27, and, therefore, all donations to BMAD qualify for such tax deductions.

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