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Ways to Give

Your donations are welcome

The Theosophical Society is a non-profit organization. The International Headquarters has been situated at Adyar, Chennai, India, since 1882. Throughout this period, various activities have been carried out here which support the Society’s Objects. Inherent in these Objects is a commitment to serve. This service reaches out to fellow human beings in need, as care for animal and the environment. To give is a way to support theosophical work, which is based on voluntary work to spread theosophy and share the wisdom with everyone interested.

Donate Quick & Easy - Indian citizens can donate through this

A quick and easy way to donate to our targets in Indian Rupees (INR) can be done via this Donation page.

Unfortunately, donations with other than Indian debit/credit cards are not functional via the Donation page buttons.

This tax-deductible gift helps to fulfil the Theosophical Society's highly valued encourage, respect and explore the One Life (Mission).

Foreign currency transfer through Bank Account

Request the bank account details from the Treasurer. email:

Renovation projects at Adyar, TS Headquarters - How to donate out of India

A special website with detailed information concerning the renovation projects at Adyar, including specifics as on how the gifts are used, is called The Elephants. The fundraising for great improvements are descripbed in the Elephants' Renovation/Fundraising.

Receiver's Name:                          Stichting St Michael,  Renovation Fund Adyar

Receiver's Address:                      Valkeveenselaan 19 1411 GT Naarden

(Swift Address/BIC and IBAN are mandatory if in Euro and intra EU/EEA and Switzerland)

IBAN or receiver's Account No:   IBAN: NL47RABO0303508523

Receiver's Bank Swift/BIC BIC:     RABONL2U

Receiver's Bank Name:                 RABObank Gooi en Vechtstreek

Receiver's Bank address:              Thebe 22, 1213 NV Hilversum

Country of the Receiving Bank:    Naarden Netherlands. Hilversum The Netherlands

Theosophical Work

Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and may be given to the General purpose. In addition, the Theosophical Society has a number of Reserves used for the work carried out by the International Headquarters. Mention in your gift the projects you wish your donation to be put towards. We take all care that your donation is properly handled.

Projects: Adyar estate, Adyar renovation, Education, Adyar Library, Art conservation, Animal Dispensary, Programs like School of the Wisdom, President's Discretion, General, Olcott Education Society (Olcott School, Day Care of children, Boys' Hostel).

With gratitude!