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Olcott Education Society

The Olcott Education Society (OES) has an integral relationship with the Theosophical Society and functions from its International Headquarters. Registered as a Society since 1905, it provides free service through its various units.

The services are:

Olcott Memorial Higher Secondary School

Social Welfare Centre

Vocational Training Centre

HPB Boys Hostel


Objectives of the OES

•    To establish and conduct free schools for giving education to underprivileged children, for their upliftment, and to render assistance to their mothers.
•    To aid such children, who have passed through these schools, to attend more advanced schools and so to equip them with the education and skills to become teachers, or artisans, or ply themselves for any other useful, rewarding and profitable employment?
•    To undertake welfare activities for the underprivileged including family welfare, child care, provision of crèches, balwadi, free medical aid, physical training, health education and nutrition.
•    To promote knowledge: literary, scientific, educational, moral and esthetic.
•    To provide training in crafts, for self-employment, specifically for the disadvantaged.
•    To work towards the regeneration of educators and the educational community by (i) organizing seminars and teacher-training programs,  (ii)  generating educational materials and (iii) conducting such other activities as will further the above objectives.
•    To undertake animal welfare work.

How can you help?

OES needs volunteer teachers and workers. If you can spare your time, please contact the OES office on the TS campus.

OES spends about INR 6.5 million annually for its activities, receives no government grants and purely depends on interest from its corpus funds and donations. You may like to contribute to its corpus funds or for any of its specific activities. All donations qualify for Income Tax exemption under Section 80G. The Treasurer of the OES is authorized to receive donations against a receipt.

Account payee Cheques/Drafts made in favor of  “Olcott Education Society” may be sent to the Treasurer, OES, Theosophical Society, Adyar, Chennai, India – 600020 with intimation to his E-mail address:

In the OES page you find subpage called Support OES