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Adyar Eco Development


The Adyar Eco Development (AED) project has been conceived to realise the enormous potential of The Theosophical Society’s lush, sprawling, 256-odd acres campus by the Adyar River in Chennai, to be a place of deep learning, healing, research and creation inspired by its inherent natural and spiritual energy.


The TS, in partnership with Pitchandikulam Forest Consultants (PFC) will endeavour to demonstrate a way to preserve, maintain and co-exist sustainably within this large, ecologically rich, and naturally wooded environment, while resonating fundamentally with the Theosophical belief in the Unity of Life.


The venture will allow selective access to the land and its wondrous natural treasures to children, academics, conservators, artists and members of the public as part of the TS’ duty to encourage a like-minded belief in the preciousness of all life, our inexorable connections with nature, and imbibing practical and substantive ways of living this belief day-to-day.


PFC will form a team that will work closely with the TS on-campus, to plan, design and launch several programs in the space of restoration ecology, collaborative education, communal wellbeing, sustainable maintenance, public awareness, artistic ventures, as well as materialising a “Blue-Green Centre” for transformative ecological education, research and training, that will eventually become a springboard for similar undertakings in other communities.


As part of this venture, the TS will host education programs, workshops, collaborative projects, talks, lectures, nature walks and other activities that engage community members to contemplate and improve the way we co-exist with our natural environment.

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The ultimate, and long-term goal is to gather and sustain community action across the city that will eventually make the Adyar river swimmable again, and its catchment a healthy, ecologically rich garden that supports the city.