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There are two main accommodation possibilities for members (mainly)

1. LEADBEATER CHAMBERS (LBC), Western style accommodation, 2 beds, attached bathroom with hot water, small pantry.

2. NON-LBC, Indian accommodations are a few in two rate-levels; cheeper with bed and cold water, better (NQ) with 2 beds, warm water, attached bathroom.

Applying for accommodation must be made at least 2-3 working days in advance. Prices are different for members and non-members, and are given on request from the accommodation officer.

Are there rooms to stay overnight?

Yes. Rooms are available in different buildings on campus; almost all of them are shared and have minimal basic facility.  However the principal places used to accommodate guests are LBC and New Quadrangle (NQ).

Who can stay within campus?

Each application is individually processed. A reason to stay is required and it must be related to theosophical study or research. Non-members need a special reason to stay on Campus.

Can I cook in the room?

No. Long-term (usually one year or more), full-time, member-volunteers are sometimes offered independent private places to stay that have kitchens. You cannot do that in shared rooms. You can purchase or use a kettle of your own; but it does not belong to the 'furniture'.

People visiting alone

Generally, a shared room is provided.  Most Indian rooms have 4 or more beds. In busy times these rooms have to be shared. When not busy, single occupancy is possible.

How long can I stay?

Members who have registered for an event, and have applied for in-campus accommodation are generally permitted to stay for the duration of the event.

I am not registered for an event. Can I stay? 

Researchers using our Adyar Library and Research Centre, and other individuals with a purpose based on theosophical study may apply to the accommodation officer for consideration.

Can I stay tonight?

Application to stay is usually made several days or weeks in advance. Contact the accommodation officer to see if your case merits urgent attention. For any requests, you should make contact before noon.

My previous stay was memorable. May I request the exact same room this time?

All requests are considered with care, however, specific room requests may not be possible.

Obtaining Keys

Only one key is provided for each room, even though the room is shared. Occupants need to cooperate among themselves to ensure they have access. 

Returning Keys

Return keys to the office when vacating. Ensure that lights and fans are switched off.  Close windows and lock all doors. Rooms should be tidy and clean. If your room has an attached toilet, be sure to turn off the taps and all lights.