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Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary is an outreach program of the Theosophical Society, and one of the largest animal shelters in the heart of Chennai, housed within the sprawling Theosophical Society campus in Adyar.

It is equipped with an in-house veterinary clinic, primarily to rehabilitate injured and sick animals.

The shelter has been ever expanding, to accommodate more dogs, cats, horses, bovines, donkeys, pigs, goats and other animals. BMAD is a busy shelter that provides admirable support to a large number of animals. It currently has close to 60 large animals, and 200 small animals, under its care.

BMAD now has 18 full time caretakers, 7 vets, 4 rescue staff, 2 special consultants, and an ambulance for emergency.

The idea behind BMAD is to rehabilitate and find homes for seriously unwell and stray animals. The veterinary clinic also treats outpatients at very nominal charges, bringing affordable care to the general public with sick animals. BMAD has the resources and staff to perform most surgical procedures.

  • Animal Birth Control (ABC) is BMAD's signature program to neuter strays, at low cost. BMAD carries out close to 1000 ABCs a year.
  • Pet adoption - BMAD strives to find homes for rescue and rehabilitated dogs and cats. BMAD has taken pet adoption to a new level, visiting prospective pet parents to understand if they have the wherewithal to provide the requisite pet care.
  • Rescue - BMAD has been involved in innumerable rescues, rehab and release, including horses, donkeys, camels, bovines and wildlife like snakes, monkeys and birds, with the help of the Forest Department.
  • Outreach program - BMAD sponsors community caretakers in various locations in Chennai, to provide care for animals in their respective areas.


Please support BMAD's work in trying to help the animals in our care live with a little less suffering and a little more comfort and love.

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