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Insights into the Teachings of Mahatma Letters

At Adyar Campus
SOW 2025 February

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FREE FOR MEMBERS of The Theosophical Society, NON-MEMBERS can still access the course by paying a fee of 50 USD or 25 USD (chosen countries) or 2000 INR (India).
Non-members will receive a payment link after fulfilling the application.


There is no religion higher than Truth is the motto of the Theosophical Society, and the third object of Theosophy point to become real seeker of Truth integrating Science, Religion and Theosophy.

The Contents of the Letters from Masters of the Wisdom (also called Mahatma Letters) constitute one of the three (other two being Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine) most important primary sources of theosophical teachings for both spiritual and worldly life and especially for welfare of whole humanity. In these letters varied subjects like spiritual development, purpose of human life, evolution of earth, solar system and cosmos, concept of God, source of evil, degradation of religions, some scientific concepts, Universal Brotherhood, Death and Life after Death etc., etc. have been dealt with in light of occult science also.

What is provided