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THE QUEST FOR TRUTH: Integrating Science, Philosophy and Religion

SOW 2025 June


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FREE FOR MEMBERS of The Theosophical Society, NON-MEMBERS can still access the course by paying a fee of 50 USD or 25 USD (chosen countries) or 2000 INR (India).
Non-members will receive a payment link after fulfilling the application.



DATES: June  3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 14, 2024

TIME 1.5 hours: 
8.00 PM IST (India time), 
2:30 PM UTC/GMT (Universal time)

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Human beings have evolved different approaches to truth, called Philosophy, Religion and Science. These are often regarded as different specialized branches that are sometimes antagonistic to one another. 

One of the objectives of Theosophy has been to integrate these  three into a single Quest for Wisdom. In this school we shall consider whether it is possible to regard the three approaches as complimentary to each other and assisting one another for a more holistic perception of truth.


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