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The Transformative Power of The Secret Doctrine

At Adyar Campus
SOW 2025 November

Time (IST)

FREE FOR MEMBERS of The Theosophical Society, NON-MEMBERS can access the course by paying a fee of 50 USD or 25 USD (chosen countries) or 2000 INR (India).
Non-members will receive a payment link after fulfilling the application.


The days start with Meditation followed by classes of 2-2.5 hours in the morning and 1.5-2 hours in the afternoon.
Detailed timing will be provided for the participants.


Since its publication in 1888, The Secret Doctrine has been a source of inspiration for generations of Theosophists worldwide. However, this work is often seen as little more than a theoretical collection of metaphysical and abstract teachings on the origin of the Universe and humanity. In this session of The School of the Wisdom, Pablo and Michele will offer a program highlighting the transformative power that The Secret Doctrine can have in our spiritual journey. They will present the main teachings found in the volume on Cosmogenesis, exploring how to approach this study as a form of Jñana Yoga, the path of wisdom. The program includes sessions of meditation and meditative inquiry to help individuals gain personal insights and assimilate the profound wisdom contained within the text. In addition, they will share practical exercises that participants can apply in their daily lives to bridge the gap between theory and practice.


Recommended Readings: 
  • Approaching The Secet Doctrine its Teachings and Practical Applications. Pablo Sender. Fohat Productions. 

    The suggestion is to buy the book prior to the sessions. Note that the option to buy the book is recommended, not mandatory.

    Click here to buy it in India

    Click here to buy it aborad 

  • The Secret Doctrine. You can check the online version of the same by  clicking here


Pablo Sender, PhD and Michele Sender (Click here to see biodatas)


What is provided

Accommodation is provided at the Campus during the event duration (see costs and options in the registration form or get in touch with