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"The Hidden Side of Things"


Time (IST)

Rs.3,000 or 40 USD per participant for the whole time


"The Hidden Side of Things" by C.W.Leadbeater will form the basis of discussion

Age limit: 18-45 years

VENUE: Blavatsky Bungalow, TS Adyar

The Youth Convention being organised at the International Head Quarters of The Theosophical Society, Adyar, Chennai, India, is one such platform where people from different lands, different religions, habits, customs, traditions, belief systems, etc., come together to contribute and gain in the humble attempt to understand and decipher the knowledge given to us by great clairvoyants. This is an opportunity to understand the hidden side and march forward in the journey of evolution.

INTRO attached

The program will be arranged by the young members themselves by the contact person on

RATE: Package for boarding, lodging, and meals:

Package INR.3,000/- for a participant or 40 USD from abroad (includes registration, lodging, and meals).
Indian food will be served, starting from lunch on 26 Dec-2022 and ending with lunch on 30 Dec-2022.
Vacating the room soon after breakfast "on 30.12.2022".
Accommodation will be on sharing basis in Indian style rooms.
Dependent family members including children accompanying the participant will be charged Rs.3,000/- per person.  Children below 5 years, no charges.


Registration link leads first to pay online and then to fill in delegate(s) details.

Register and Pay in Indian rupees if you Indian account

Register and Pay in other currencies


Last day to register is 15 December 2022

No refunds for cancellations received after 15th December 2022.

What is provided

Nice studying and being together