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The Higher Spiritual Path

The School of the Wisdom2023

Time (IST)

Free. Accommodation and meal rates will be informed to attendees.


October 2-13, 2023
A two-week Exploration
Meditation: 8.00 to 8.30 AM
Classes: 8.30 to 11.00 AM and 2.30 to 5.00 PM
Theosophical Society - Adyar
Blavatsky Bungalow
600020 Chennai , TN India

APPLICATION: applying closed

Course Description:  This course is predicated upon the immemorial core or “first” principles of the universal philosophia perennis, or theosophy, which finds expression from Lao Tzu to Ramana Maharshi in the East and from Pythagoras to H.P. Blavatsky and Ananda K. Coomaraswamy in the West. We shall examine in detail how those treading the higher spiritual path must address and master its requirements. We will examine the specifics of spiritual or “sacred science,” which is an inextricable component of the perennial philosophy. Many requirements of the higher spiritual path are based on the truths of this ancient spiritual science, formulated over millennia by jivanmukti or liberated beings who serve as the teachers of those currently engaged in ascending this hieratic path. The goals of following this path are the loftiest; the hierarchical order of its Adepts is the holiest; and the totality of its evolutionary and compassionate purpose is the most sacred.


The main "companion" text is a book titled The Higher Spiritual Path by Bill Quinn. The participants can have xerox copy of it by donating a bit for copy.

The second or companion book to the main text is another book that Bill Quinn has compiled, entitled The Chela’s Handbook.  This book is published by Turning Stone Press (an imprint of Red Wheel/Weiser), and it’s ISBN is 978-1-61852-128-6.  It can be bought through Amazon.


William Wilson Quinn earned the M.A. from the University of Chicago Divinity School and thereafter the Ph.D. from that University in the philosophia perennis. He later earned a J.D. degree.  In the 1970s, he was employed by the Theosophical Society, which he joined in 1969, where he was Editor of Quest magazine and Associate Editor of the Theosophical Publishing House. Since 1971 he has published scores of articles and three books, including The Only Tradition and The Chela’s Handbook. He now has the fourth book in press, The Higher Spiritual Path, to be released in the summer of 2023.  

What is provided

Accommodation is provided at the Campus during the event duration