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The Spiritually Dedicated Life

International Gathering of Young Theosophists

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Youth Convention (YC)

YC VENUE: Blavatsky Bungalow, TS Adyar

The reactivated World Federation of Young Theosophists (WFYT) is organizing an international convention of young theosophists that will take place from 27-30 December 2023 in the TS headquarters, Adyar (India). This will be an occasion to connect with fellow young like-minded brothers and sisters coming from different countries and continents who hold dear the essence of Theosophy, and who try to embrace it and bring it to Life, day by day. Also, we will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Young Theosophists’ movement founded under the presidency of Annie Besant.

During these days we will focus on what it means to become a Theosophist in its deepest meaning, and most importantly how can a modern person lead a spiritual life from a practical perspective. Annie Besant stated that “Spirituality does not depend upon the environment, it depends upon one’s attitude toward life”. We will study her book The Spiritual Life dealing with several matters and fundamental questions related with the spiritual path. Together we will share quality time to inquire, discuss and exchange points of view about the challenges involved in developing our spiritual nature. Other activities may include meditation, collaborative workshops, youth talks, panels, chanting, as well as playing and enjoying being together. 

In each successive international gathering stronger friendships are being forged and a larger spiritual family is expanding with a deeper sense of universal unity. You are welcome to join! 

For more information please contact:

Phone: +918318547750

Organized by the World Federation of Young Theosophists
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PACKAGE RATE: Package rate includes boarding, lodging, and meals:
Indian food will be served, starting from dinner on 26 Dec-2022 and ending with breakfast on 30 Dec-2022.

Accommodation in non-LBC:
Indian delegates 3,000/- INR
Overseas delegates 40 USD
Vacating the room soon after breakfast "on 30.12.2023". 
Dependent family members including children accompanying the participant will be charged Rs.3,000/- per person.  Children below 4 years, no charges.


YC PACKAGE RATE: Package includes boarding, lodging, and meals; meals from 26th dinner to 5th Jan lunch.
Meals during the YC are at the Indian Canteen, and during the IC they are at LBC dining if you stay in LBC.
Indian delegates:
Package in LBC:
Indian delegates 16,500/- INR (sharing room)

Package in non-LBC:
Indian delegates 8,000/- INR (sharing room)


Overseas delegates:

Package in LBC:
Overseas delegates 440 USD  (sharing room)
Package in non-LBC:
Overseas delegates 190 USD  (sharing room)

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