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Walking Pass

Dear Walker,

The renewal of the TS walking passes will be conducted as follows: (SUNDAY/HOLIDAYS CLOSED)


Timings: 4pm - 6pm

Starting Date for Receiving pass for renewal: 22nd August 2022

Last date of Accepting Pass for renewal: 05th September 2022

Kindly inform other walkers in your circle too.



1. Kindly handover the walking pass to the designated person at either of the two TS gates.

2. Fill out or update any missing details like mobile number or email or change in address in the register. 

3. Note down your serial number.

4. Kindly collect the pass after 48 hours from the "SAME GATE" on which you had submitted the pass by telling your serial number, pass number and signing.

5. Submitting the pass does not guarantee the renewal of the pass, if the conditions decided by the TS administration are not fulfilled.

6. Entry into the TS grounds for walking will be allowed only after showing a renewed walking pass to the security guard at the gates.

7. Please contact the GM's office (+91-44-24917198) or the Head of Security regarding any issues that you may face.



1. Please try to keep usage of mobile phones to a minimum while walking 

2. If you usually feel thirsty during the walks, do remember to bring your own bottles and water; the RO drinking water facility at designated points may be used only for refilling the bottles, not for drinking from the taps directly

3. Walkers are expected to adhere to our long-held standards of appropriate behaviour.

4. Kindly refer to the attached map for information about the approved & prohibited walking routes in the campus.

5.  In case of non-adherence to any of the above conditions, TS reserves the right to withdraw Walker’s pass.  

Best wishes,

Stay Safe