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La Escuela de la Sabiduría

MINDFULNESS EN CUATRO ETAPAS: Un camino seguro para el alivio del sufrimiento

Director Fernando A. de Torrijos


19 - 28 de enero 2021

3 días a la semana usando Zoom - EN ESPANOL

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Foundation Day on 17th November

at 6:30 pm India time, online
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Commemoration of the TS founding on 17 November 1875 in New York City,
in honor of its two main Founders: Madame H. P. Blavatsky and Col. H. S. Olcott.
On this date our thoughts turn to the significance of the Theosophical Society's foundation.

Watch the Celebration of Dr Annie Besant's Birthday
from Adyar

On Thursday 1 October 2020



Alfred Percy Sinnett
A. P. Sinnett
Annie Besant Image
Annie Besant
Curuppumullage Jinarājadāsa
C. Jinarajadasa


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