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A Corona Message video by the International President

Listen to and watch the message from TIM BOYD, and receive greetings from Theosophists.
  • There is no script for this situation in the world. This is a completely creative moment, new patterns, new ways of thinking are called for.
  • Unity, Oneness, interdependence, interconnection, have been ideal or highly valued theories but now they have gone beyond theories. Now it is a demonstrated fact. We are linked to one and other.
  •

Coronavirus Letter from the International President on 16 March 2020

As the world passes through this trying moment, I want to share a few words about Adyar and our response to the Coronavirus. 
Thankfully, at this point, we have no known cases of infection with our residents or staff. However, we are keenly aware that although the numbers have not yet spiked in India, in all likelihood they soon will. In order to do our part to limit the transmission of the virus we have taken a number of measures. 

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Adyar e-Newsletter - June

The recent e-Newsletter covers

  • A video of Discussing Theosophy with Tim Boyd & Dr Kavita Beri
  • The recent issue of The Theosophist
  • Links to the quarterly Adyar Newsletter covering the happenings at the International Headquarters, Adyar
  • Booklet of COVID-19 in English, Hindi, and Tamil
  • A new Pan-American journal

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