Mission of the Theosophical Society is to serve humanity by cultivating an ever-deepening understanding and realization of the Ageless Wisdom, spiritual self-transformation, and the unity of all life.
NOTE: The Campus grounds of the Theosophical Society is closed for visitors.


Welcome to attend the screening of the awarded document DraMAYAma

Beyond the End of Maya Calender

Date: 1st February

Time: 7 PM - 90 minutes

Venue: Library Hall

Director Mrs Jeanette Groenendal will join us on that day.


147th International Convention

"Our Responsibility in the Interconnected World"

Dates: 31 December 2022 to 4 January 2023

Recordings of the Sessions, click here


Convention website
Young Theosophists

Youth Convention

"The Hidden Side of Things"

From 27 to 29 December 2022

at Adyar, Chennai, India

Details and rates, click here


Henry Steel Olcott
H. S. Olcott
Jiddu Krishnamurti
J. Krishnamurti
John Balfour Symington Coats
John Coats


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Theosophist Volume ( 12 issues)

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Issue No. 6 Cover:
Issue No. 6 Cover:
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