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The Theosophical Society

International Headquarters, Adyar, Chennai, India

Medha Gautam Garden

The lawn in front of the Headquarters main building

Leadbeater Chambers



Next International Convention 31.12.2024 - 4.1.2025

Mission of The Theosophical Society

The mission is to serve humanity by cultivating an ever-deepening understanding and realization of the Ageless Wisdom, spiritual self-transformation, and the unity of all life.

TS around the world

TS World
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The Theosophical Society, founded in 1875, is a worldwide organization. It has branches in around sixty countries throughout the world. You can find Sections, Associations, Agencies, Lodges attached to Adyar, and Retreat Centres. 

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XII World Congress of the TS

"Toward Insight and Wholeness: Our Role in Shaping the Future". The venue is in University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, CANADA. Dates: 23 - 27 July 2025.

The School of the Wisdom

The SOW is particularly meant for members of the Theosophical Society to deepen their understanding of theosophy, making it a living force in daily life.

The Theosophical Society

The Theosophical Society, founded in 1875, is a worldwide organization focused on Service to Humanity based on the realization that life, and all its diverse forms, human and non-human, are indivisibly One.

Ongoing and coming events

At Adyar Campus
WFL Talk May 2024
Date: -
16:00 IST - 17:30 IST
SOW 2025 May
Date: -
19:00 IST - 21:00 IST
At Adyar Campus
Libraries as Communities May 2024
Date: -
11:00 IST - 12:15 IST
SOW 2025 June
Date: -
20:00 IST - 21:30 IST
WF of Young Theosophists at Bhowali, Himalayas, India
Date: -
08:00 IST - 18:00 IST
La Escuela de la Sabiduría (Online)
Date: -
19:00 IST - 20:00 IST
At Adyar Campus
Scholars and Researchers at Adyar Library&Research Centre
Date: -
09:00 IST - 16:00 IST
SOW 2024 September
Date: -
19:30 IST - 19:30 IST

The Theosophist

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Volume 145
Issue No: 8
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Volume 145
Issue No: 7
March 2024
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Issue No: 6
February 2024
Volume 145
Issue No: 5