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2nd International Gathering of Young Theosophists

Young Theosophists

In February 2017 an INTERNATIONAL gathering of young Theosophists will be held at the Theosophical Institute of Brasilia, Brazil.

There are many possible perspectives, many needs of humanity, and an enormous work which needs to be done. May each one contribute to the great work of art, allowing it to be inclusive, so we can feel within our hearts what is obvious to the intellect: all colors together create the purity of a sunbeam.


141st International Convention

Beyond Illusion: A Call to Unity

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31 December until 5 January 2017, Adyar


Main speakers: Dr C. Rajasekhar, Mr Vicente Hao Chin, Jr., Mr Barend Voorham, Dr Sangheeta Menon, Mr Tim Boyd

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Cleanup news

Cleaning the Adyar River banks ― saving the “green jewel”

”Let's restore one of the city's most beautiful green jewels from the garbage resulting from the flooding of the Adyar river”

An enthusiastic team of volunteers, mainly from the Chennai Trekking Club, have been cleaning the River bank weekly, since April 2016, on Friday mornings from 6 to 8am. Cleanup continues.



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