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President's Blogs

President's Blogs

Watch the monthly President's Blogs. (click the photo). All Monthly Blogs are in Tim Boyd's Youtube

The blogs are also in this website under Learn-menu > videos among other videos of the TS




Audio Visual Centre opened

The Great Banyan Audio Visual Centre, Adyar

The Centre was inaugurated on 17 February 2016. Watch the Introduction Video, 2 minutes.

Programs of the Centre will be in the events.



2014 – 2015 Accomplishments

During the new Presidency many improvements or new things have already taken place, most of them at Adyar. Much is ahead. The Theosophical work carries on with increasing interest and commitment. Why not to be part of the great journey.

Tim Boyd’s work as International President

The President has met theosophists, friends of theosophy, and interested people with his wide tours. His articles can be read in many theosophical magazines. His lectures can be watched via videos. President's monthly blogs take you with him.




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