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The Flame of Theosophy: revisiting the fundamentals

International Gathering of Young Theosophists

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The Wold Federation of Young Theosophists (WFYT) is organizing an international gathering for TS members under 41 years old.

This occasion will allow like-minded fellow young theosophists coming from different corners of the globe to approach The Flame of Theosophy by revisiting its fundamentals and its relevance in the daily life in our present time.

Join us to strengthen the ties and the foundations of a knowledge that will be reflected in a practical way in our daily lives through talks and interactive question and answer sessions by guest speaker Shikhar Agnihotri (from India), collaborative workshops, meditation practice, chanting, yoga and other activities by members of the WFYT. During the first four days, we will explore themes such as the septenary constitution of humankind and the Universe, karma, dharma, reincarnation, the process of death and life after death, dreams, meditation, etc. Right after that, the proposal is to navigate in the ocean of our being with a day of silent retreat in the midst of that sacred place. To culminate this adventure of 6 days, we propose an optional excursion to some nearby landmark of the Himalayas.

Participants are invited to join us in this journey of forging the bonds of a spiritual family that go beyond the distances and times of our time together. 

What is provided

Accommodation and meals are provided during the event duration. More details in the registration link.