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Positivity in life through humour

At Adyar Campus
WFL Talk Mar 2024

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This is a series of talks in which we will be featuring speakers across the spectrum of Human Activity – Business, the Arts, Fitness, Ecology, Science, Spirituality - who have found ways to apply spiritual principles to their work and living.

Talk by Bosskey
"Positivity in life through humour"

Motivation through Humour - HUMOROLOGY  by  Bosskey, a multi talented person! His talk would suggest to us as to how we present ourselves in public, the ideology of being prompt to the demands of the society, studying people who confront us in daily life and the way of dealing with them effectively, how to look at the world in a  lighter vein and thereby getting  rid of stress in daily life, moral values that have been passed on by our ancestors, how to chose our best company to improve our own personality,  the general secrets of Positivity - what to get into and what to avoid ! Life is a tragedy for those who feel and life is a comedy for those who think !!

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