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SOW: Contemplative Walk through Nature and History at the Adyar Campus

The School of the Wisdom

Time (IST)

Tea break have a small cost


18 of November, Sunday.2023 
Time: 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM noon
Location - Start from the Great Banyan Tree 
A contemplative walk through nature and around the sacred surroundings of the Theosophical Society headquarters is a unique experience. It certainly qualifies as a "Life-changing moment." Since Blavatsky and Olcott first arrived at this location in 1882, it has had a profound impact and significance in the TS. Along with having a strong spiritual influence, the ashram also functions as a sort of "green lung" for Chennai owing to its unusual geology and topography, which is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. Welcome to the Master's Home.
During the walk, participants are kindly advised to wear sun protector, comfortable clothes, shoes and headwear, as well as to bring a bottle of water.


Shikhar Agnihotri has a BA in nautical science from Mumbai University. To follow his inner journey, he willingly left his position with Shipping Services after ten years of employment. His mother, Mrs Vasumati Agnihotri, inspired him to join the TS and did so in 2008.  Founded the "MAITRI" TOS Group and the "PRAGYA" TS Lodge in Lucknow City; Co-founder of the "PragyaCSstudio." He is an International speaker for The Theosophical Society and a National Lecturer of the Indian Section; and held study camps, seminars, youth camps, open lectures, and forums across India.

What is provided

For the participants of the School of the Wisdom, particularly