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Aligning with Spiritual Principles for Happiness & Success

At Adyar Campus
WFL Talk Apr 2024

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This is a series of talks in which we will be featuring speakers across the spectrum of Human Activity – Business, the Arts, Fitness, Ecology, Science, Spirituality - who have found ways to apply spiritual principles to their work and living.

Talk by Mr Ramkumar

Spiritually proven methods to Happiness & Success

Everything begins with the spirit. That’s where life and its interactions with the world begins. Life in the mother’s womb and when the fetus is born in this world after a few months of pure innocence the mind comes into picture. The mind perceives, feels and thinks through the 5 Gyanendriyas, and acts on the world outside through the 5 Karmendriyas. 

Man has the sixth sense called the intellect which governs the mind. A happy integration of the mind and the intellect gives rise to a man of perfection an equanimous person, a Sthitapragna.  

We come into this world without a user’s manual. We follow trends. My talk would cover topics on 5 concentric circles around us which begins with Spirituality proceeding to The Mind, Followed by Relationships, our interaction with the world which leads us to Success. Summing it up, they are:

1. Spirituality

2. Mind

3. Relationships

4. Interaction with the world

5. Destiny

The talk will have a number of stories on all the 5 Concentric circles. To name a few it would be on Serenity, our Spiritual nature, Existence, Prayer, Renewal, Perception/understanding, Credibility, Honesty, Attitude, Interpretation, Response, Harmony, Adjustment, Compassion, Knowledge, Detachment, Direction, Goals, Steadfastness, Courage and Purpose. 

S. Ramkumar

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